CAFINCO is a leading manufacturer of private label coffee in Mexico and the USA. Our working philosophy is characterized by having a highly qualified workforce, with efficient and modern equipment, technology and production processes, in order to provide the best coffee products to our customers.

Statement of support

With over 50 years in the roasting business, CAFINCO understands that the coffee world needs not only to care for the environment and work under the best social standards in the field, but it is also necessary to support the producers to be more efficient, boosting productivity and quality of their harvests, and ensuring a fair trade between the producers and consumers, which in turn will improve their standards of living. That's being sustainable.

Action Networks
Partner Since July 2018

Our Commitments

To grow 10% year after year our sustainable coffee purchases, in order to duplicate our sustainable coffee sourcing every 8 years.

Target date 2025
Countries targeted Brazil, Colombia, Honduras, Mexico