Irrigation Technologies

Irrigation Technologies’ mission is to bring awareness to the agricultural community, showing that there is a better and more efficient way to use one of our planet’s most precious resources and to help bring sustainability methods to the forefront of the agricultural industry that uses over 70% of our planet's freshwater supply.

The goal of Irrigation Technologies is to work with like-minded organizations, companies, farm co-ops, and individual family growers who are interested in making an impact on our environment by integrating new solutions in reducing our water and energy footprints, to create meaningful change in the way agricultural irrigation is done. By making these changes, the products that are grown not only provide a higher consistent yield, but also provide higher profits to the farmer. At the same time, these changes make the world a better place through real sustainable change and awareness of how we use our planet’s freshwater supply.

Statement of support

Irrigation Technologies looks at sustainability through the eyes of ‘conservation’ and strives to create awareness on how we can better use our planet’s precious resources. We provide farmers, “a better way to grow” that contributes to real sustainable change in the way we use our freshwater and other resources in the agricultural industry. Along with The Sustainable Coffee Challenge and its partners, we believe that freshwater is one of our planet's most valued resources, and how we use this resource is of immense importance. We believe that through better farming practices and technologies, coffee growers can be more prosperous, obtain higher yields with fewer inputs, and thus reduce the need to expand to new forested areas. By working with the SCC and its partners, we believe the coffee industry can show other industries that when like-minded people come together and work towards a common goal, huge impacts towards the betterment of our world can be achieved. We are proud to part of this initiative.

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Partner Since July 2020

Our Commitments

Irrigation Technologies is committed to help coffee farmers grow better with less inputs, and will share with partners its Deep Root Irrigation [DRI] technology, which promises to help ensure sustainable water use, counteract climate change, and reduce fertilization costs by increasing fertilizer efficiency while also boosting yields. The use of this technology is a key strategy for avoiding deforestation and increasing the productivity and production of coffee farms around the world.

With the use of DRI, coffee farmers who irrigate will be able to save more than 60% of the water, fertilizer, and energy to pump that water than they can do with any other irrigation system in the world. Because water and fertilizer are delivered directly to the root zone, there is no waste and no fertilizer runoff, which benefits the farmer’s bottom line and the environment.

Target date 2025
Countries targeted Africa, Asia, Europe, Global, North America, South America