Partner up!

Are you looking for partners to accelerate your efforts and drive us all closer to our 2025 sustainable coffee targets?

Facilitating connections between challenge partners for field project support

To aid partnership connections, we have created this matchmaking forum to provide partners in the Sustainable Coffee Challenge seeking collaborators a space to share their project ideas and state their partnership needs.

So how does it work? Its simple!

  1. Partner 1 has great idea (current or new) to drive impact.
  2. Using the template found later on this page, Partner 1 submits the idea to the Challenge, noting how actions address 2025 target(s)
  3. Twice a year, Conservation International posts submissions online.
  4. Other Challenge partners search the site for projects that pique interest and reach out to the contact person listed on the project overview.
  5. Partners connect, discuss the opportunity at hand, and just like that, a new partnership is formed!
  6. Action! Partner 1 reports back to the SCC on impacts of partnerships/projects.

Ready to Explore?

Browse Sustainable Coffee Challenge partners' public opportunities below and make your connection!

A few things to keep in mind..

The submitting organization understands that the Challenge is providing a space to share project ideas and there is no guarantee of funding. The organization, who must be a member of the Sustainable Coffee Challenge, also agrees to inform Conservation International if funding is secured and commits to use the Hub to state and report on progress. All submissions should clearly articulate the link with one or more of the 2025 targets.

The browsing organization understands that the proposed concepts are not endorsed by Conservation International, and proper due diligence should be undertaken as with any project opportunity.

Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. Twice a year, the Challenge will upload the opportunities.

Eager to submit a project for matchmaking?

Fill out this template