Ritma Green

Ritma Green is a for-profit social enterprise founded by formers NGO workers on coffee projects to sustain, replicate, and scale up their works. We work directly with smallholder farmers in Sulawesi island Indonesia well-known for their specialty coffee like Toraja, Kalosi, Mamasa, and Bawakaraeng to aggregate and market their products.

Statement of support

The Challenge enables me to find buyers having similar concerns about sustainability. As the actor works closely with smallholder farmers, we hope to bridge other actors upstream and downstream.

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Partner Since 2022

Our Commitments

Ritma Green [www.ritma-green.com] is a social enterprise working to introduce and facilitate climate change adaptation and mitigation technologies and practices for smallholder coffee farmers in Sulawesi Island - Indonesia where some well-known specialty coffee like Toraja, Kalosi, Mamasa, and Bawakaraeng are cultivated. Climate-smart technologies and practices introduced [our commitments for this challenge] are climate-tolerant seedlings, biogas [for cooking and fertilizing coffee crops], solar dryer dome for coffee drying, rurak [holes to restore soil nutrients], agro-forestry, and integrated farming with livestock. Furthermore, it assists the marketing of farmers' products [green beans, roasted, and ground coffee] to enable also [re]investment to the above technologies and practices. Partnering with farmer organizations like farmer groups, cooperatives, and village-owned enterprises, the social enterprise also improves the organizations' business capacity and will facilitate micro-insurance [www.bungkesmas.org] to provide health and education social security net for the members and their families.

Target date 2030
Countries targeted Indonesia

Sustainable direct sourcing of Arabica and Robusta coffee produced with climate change adaptation and mitigation practices.

Our commitment is to provide a sustainable direct supply [sourcing] of Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee from Sulawesi island, Indonesia. The area is well-known for its specialty coffee like Toraja, Kalosi, Mamasa, and Bawakaraeng. However, climate change impacts and aging crops have reduced coffee production significantly. A significant decrease is also found in farmers' willingness to grow coffee and maintain their existing crops. This commitment is made for recurring coffee the major source of livelihood.

In partnership with: Local governments, Local NGOs

Target date 2025
Countries targeted Indonesia