Streamliners Espresso Bar

Streamliners Espresso Bar is the first independent coffee shop in the city of St. Thomas, Ontario Canada. Its owner, Maria Fiallos, is the co-owner of Las Chicas del Cafe, the micro-roasters behind every coffee bean brewed at Streamliners Espresso Bar. Maria Fiallos, has sourced her Nicaraguan coffee beans directly since 1997. Maria has fought for coffee's sustainable production and profitable to growers for over 20 years, and she is taking her commitment to the consumer side through Streamliners Espresso Bar, to bring full circle her goal to make coffee a carbon neutral sustainable crop.

Statement of support

100 % of our coffee is sourced directly from farmers that take care of their land, their people, their families and their neighbours. Our coffee is sourced from farms that protect the ecosystem and biodiversity. To stand in solidarity with our coffee farms, we challenge ourselves to protect our local and global environment by reducing the waste produced at our coffee shop, reducing the use of plastic, and to compost our waste to the best of our ability.

Action Networks
Partner Since September 2019

Our Commitments

Streamliners goal is to support the coffee growers producing the coffee we brew and retail by creating a fund starting on October 1st, 2020. This fund will be distributed to growers to use in projects at the farm level that will improve their livelihoods, encourage gender equality. We are committed to creating awareness among our customers of the struggles and challenges faced by coffee growers.

Target date 2021
Countries targeted Nicaragua