Westrock Coffee Company

Westrock Coffee Company, together with its subsidiary, S&D Coffee & Tea, works globally to transform anonymous, disjointed supply chains into transparent, connected systems. Through economic empowerment and environmental accountability, Westrock Coffee actively works to improve the future of the people and places behind its products. This mission comes to life in its bespoke sourcing programs, Farmer Direct Verified® and Raíz Sustainability®.

Westrock Coffee is the leading integrated coffee, tea, and extract service provider in the US, providing coffee sourcing and financing, supply chain management, roasting, packaging, and distribution services to retailers, restaurants, convenience stores, commercial accounts, and hospitality customers around the world. With offices in 10 countries, the company sources coffee and tea from 35 origin countries and provides service under both the Westrock Coffee and S&D Coffee & Tea brands.

Statement of support

"The Sustainable Coffee Challenge creates a communal space for stakeholders across the industry to align on challenges, commitments, and goals so that we can all move down the same path together. We thank the SCC for keeping accountability and progress towards sustainability at the forefront." Brooke Cantrell, Director of Sustainability

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Our Commitments

100% Responsibly sourced by 2025

Our definition of responsible sourcing is:

Coffee is purchased and processed in a manner that is fair to the people who grow and handle it, their employees, peers, or environments.

Westrock currently roasts over 50 million Lbs per year that are sourced responsibly and verified or certified by a 3rd party. To ensure that 100% of our coffee is responsibly sourced by 2025, we will deploy the following assurance program in our supply chains:

  • Audits for compliance with Westrock's Responsible Sourcing Policy across our entire supplier network; and
  • Expand our footprint on the ground to quantitatively understand the social, environmental, and entrepreneurial outlook of the farmers we source from.


June 2022

Our overall volume for the 2021 calendar year sourced responsibly was 51%

Status 51% complete
Target date 2025
Countries targeted Global

S&D supports the production of 150 million lbs. of sustainable coffee via its sustainable sourcing platform RAIZ, while impacting the livelihoods of 10,000 farming families.


June 30, 2021

Over 4200 farmers registered within Raíz Sustainability® in 6 different origins, achieved a production that exceeds the 152 million pounds of green coffee. This was reported using agronomist estimates per farm using historic records as well as forecast per harvest.

Status 100% complete
Target date 2020
Countries targeted Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru

Convert a specialty line of products to Fair Trade Certified products.


September 2021

Westrock worked with a private label customer to transition four retail products to FAIRTRADE in 2020.

Status 100% complete
Target date 2020
Countries targeted Global